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About CoolHut


How It All Started: CoolHut and the Gang
A slight dramatization

Did you ever have one of those ideas? You know, the kind that hits you in the forehead after a particularly exasperating experience, and you think, “There's just gotta be a better way?”

Well, picture this…

Shoeless Dave’s feet were afire from the blistering hot sand.  Why was a bright guy like Dave barefoot on a scorching hot beach, you ask?  Well, he was barefoot because he had just blown out his flip-flop while stumbling right after 98 (okay, just a hair more) pound Paul dropped his side of the fully-laden cooler for the third or fourth time.  Our resident beach beauty (Courtney) had to stop several times to R&R (rest and readjust) her share of the load on the ½ mile trek to the perfect beach spot.  Not that you could tell how beautiful she really is (or even that she was Courtney), buried as she was under a mound of blankets, towels and beach chairs.  We didn’t have a shade umbrella, which really didn’t matter, because we couldn’t have carried one anyway. 

So…you guessed it, we all got moderately burned.  Before you ask, yes, we did use sunscreen, but a thin coating of goo can only do so much when pitted against a trillion2 Watt energy source (our disclaimer though is always wear sun screen). To top it off, some moron (me, Paul) forgot the radio.  Once at the perfect beach spot, we dropped everything in a heap, spread out our towels, and lay down to recuperate from our monumental trek.  At this point, we were reminded what a thin coating of goo IS good for: attracting sand.  Lots of sand.  Copious quantities of sand.  And so, we began our crunchy, sand-coated day at the beach.

Sound fun?

Yeah, actually it was because we were there with friends and family, whom we obviously find to be cool, fun, smart, good looking, and only occasionally annoying.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be friends and family with them.  To the unbiased observer, however, we probably appear to be ordinary (but pretty cool!) people who enjoy the outdoors.  As it happens, we had gone through this hassle before.  We go to concerts, the beach, and weekend soccer matches just like most people.  We always had to tote our stuff somewhere.  We always had to fumble through the garage hunting for those wily chairs, coolers, umbrellas, music, blankets and towels.  We always had to find some way to pack all this stuff into the car, which was reminiscent of solving some sort of Machiavellian Rubic’s Cube.  We had to struggle to get everything to the actual event, ala beasts of burden.

That’s when inspiration hit us right on
our collective forehead.

So simple - What if you could have all your “stuff” in one lightweight, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store “event backpack” that has your cooler, your shade, your lounge chairs, your ground cloth and your music all integrated? What if you could use this backpack as luggage to take all your stuff with you when you fly off to that remote beach somewhere? What if you could ditch the hassle, and get right to the fun?  Angels sang, and CoolHut was born!

We’re a small group of friends and family who took a risk on this “what if” great idea and are proud to offer you a simple solution to the challenges we all face when going to an outdoor event.  Whether you’re going to the beach, soccer game, concert, picnic, or whatever, our goal is to make sure you have just as much fun getting there and being there as we always do.  We hope CoolHut helps by taking some of the pain out of getting there and by making your experience better while you are there.

Be Cool,
CoolHut and the Gang!

A Better Way to Get There, A Better Way to Be There